Welcome to Castleknock Montessori School

Our COVID-19 Policy and Response Plan

For families of children in the Castleknock Montessori School, please Download our COVID-19 Policy and Response Plan.

Our objective at Castleknock Montessori School is to help our children reach their potential, while becoming well balanced individuals able to cope with the emotional, social and practical pressures of modern day living.

We are firm believers that the Montessori method of education provides a range of experiences which will stimulate a child s love of learning and discovery.

Our role is to encourage positive attitudes, to help create strong individuals and to give guidance to the children.

All our children are treated with respect and are given the freedom within the limits of a carefully structured environment and allowed to develop at his or own pace.

Our school recognizes that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates and all areas of learning and development are equally important and interconnected.

Children are active learners and will learn from the environment, if it offers appropriate stimuli to their development. Learning is guided by the children’s developmental needs and it flourishes when the children are given time and space to observe, explore and investigate the environment and engage with it.   We as practitioners play an active part in engaging children with a favourable environment. We facilitate the child s need to learn, not only from them, but also from peers and by themselves.

We recognise that children’s physical and psyhological needs must be met if they are to develop to their full potential.

We are committed to Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy and aim to provide a curriculum which reflects this progressive and inspirational method of education.  The Montessori Method of teaching was devised by Dr. Maria Montessori and is now recognised worldwide as a standard of excellence.

We provide a safe, secure and caring environment where your child is free to grow and develop at their own pace through active learning, sensitively guided by Esther, Anita and Marie.

We follow the Montessori principles by encouraging freedom of choice, independence and self discipline.

We aim to foster good social relationships between parents teachers and children, thus encouraging empathy for others, care of the environment and ultimately preparing your child for primary school and later life.

We follow the Montessori curriculum and Aistear and Síolta guidelines.

Our service is a very high quality Montessori school and we work directly with you the parents to ensure your child is happy.

So call us today and make an appointment to see our school.